Free original music for games and film

(in mp3, MIDI, ogg, and FLAC formats)

Download the full song collection from GitHub

In a past life, I taught at a music academy while composing original music for film and video games on the side. I have since changed career paths, but I still enjoy writing music when time allows.

This page collects all of my unlicensed songs. Most were originally written as spec pieces for film or video game projects that didn’t pan out. Rather than let them rot away on a backup drive, I’m sharing them here for free use in your own projects. There are currently some ~50 full-length songs from a wide variety of genres.

All of my music is provided under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. This allows you to use the music anywhere you like, as long as you provide proper attribution (something like “music by Tanner Helland” and a link to this page is fine).

Update January 2020

Due to the large file sizes involved, I now use GitHub to host the full music collection. You can browse and download individual songs here, or download the full collection here (zip file, ~680 MB).