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  • How much traffic do you get from a viral YouTube video?

    Last month, the team from Realm Pictures built an incredibly clever “interactive real-life first-person shooter” that strangers could play over Chatroulette, Omegle, and Skype. In the behind-the-scenes video, they talk about how they pulled off the feat, and it’s an impressive example of unifying a bunch of different technology to accomplish something novel.
  • Site overhaul coming - apologies for broken links and other bugs

    tl;dr: Mobilegeddon (who thinks up these names?) has finally provided the kick I need to get this site overhauled. Apologies in advance for things like messed up formatting and randomly broken links.
  • Simple algorithms for adjusting image temperature and tint

    I've already talked at length about converting a temperature (in Kelvin) to an RGB triplet. But what if you simply want to adjust an image's temperature, without caring about the specifics of it? This article is for you. As a bonus, source code is also provided for tint adjustments.
  • PhotoDemon 6.2 beta live - testers welcome!

    The latest version of PhotoDemon includes an overhauled interface, cool new tools (like Content-Aware resize), WebP and JPEG-XR support, and so much more.
  • PhotoDemon 6.0 is now live at

    After a successful (and relatively bug-free!) beta testing session, PhotoDemon 6.0 is ready for you to download.

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